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Terms and Conditions

By creating a safe platform for investment, "Nazdik" allows users to invest in various financial markets, which means that users of the "Nazdik" system are allowed to use the systems described below.

1. Definitions

The words of this text have the following meaning:

"Nazdik": It means the company "Avaye Nazdik Sarmaye (Special Shares)" with the brand name "Nazdik", which is called "Nazdik" for short in this text.

System: A platform belonging to "Nazdik" which is provided for the purpose of using "Nazdik" online services and the right to use it is granted to users through the web and application according to the contractual conditions and the present document.

Site: "Nazdik" website at

User: Every visitor to the "Nazdik" system who has a user account by registering in the system and is allowed to access part of the data.

Account: The space that the user will have after answering the questions and providing the requested information, to operate in the "Nazdik" system.

Plan: the investment plans that are suggested to the user according to the "Nazdik" assessment of the user's risk tolerance.

Confidential information: Information provided by users to "Nazdik".

Force Major: Force major means events that could not be prevented and foreseen by "Nazdik" and suspend the implementation of "Nazdik" obligation. Things like filtering, disconnection of the internet network, changes in the country's laws, riots, natural disasters and such things are considered force major.

2. General regulations

2-1- Any use of the "Nazdik" system means acceptance of the rules and regulations contained in the system, and violators of them will be prosecuted.

2-2- "Nazdik" may change some of the rules on its site during the activity. Although advance notification will be required if this action is implemented, but the responsibility for timely notification of the updated rules and regulations will be with the user.

2-3- Those who are over 18 years old are allowed to join the system. "Nazdik" has the right to liquidate and immediately close the account of any member who has not reached the age of 18, observing all legal aspects. It is obvious that his use of the system in any other way is considered abuse and "Nazdik" has the right to prosecute.

2-4- Any type of unauthorized access to the "Nazdik" system, whether it is creating a user account with a fake identity or by any other means other than registering with a real identity, is one of the examples of Article 1 of the Computer Crimes Law regarding unauthorized access and can be prosecuted.

2-5- "Nazdik" uses physical, organizational and technological standards to prevent others from accessing users' personal information and their identity, yet users being aware that the Internet is not a safe device anyway and privacy of personal information is not 100 % possible; will agree to "Nazdik" having access to their personal and financial information.

2-6- Users are obliged to protect their personal information and are responsible for exchanging any information and any activity in the system that takes place through their user ID and password.

2-7- "Nazdik" will try its best to protect users' information and privacy by using current standards and technologies; But this company has no obligation for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and criminal damages caused by users' access and use of services related to "Nazdik".

2-8- If a user registers in the system on behalf of a legal entity, he should be considered the authorized representative of that entity based on the internal regulations of that legal entity, and the responsibility for any violation will be his own.

2-9- "Nazdik" has no obligation for direct, incidental, consequential, indirect and criminal damages resulting from your access and use of the system.

2-10- Any link and content and claims related to "Nazdik" that are published through other natural and legal persons on the site, blog, or social networks and other media are the responsibility of the publisher, and "Nazdik" has no responsibility towards them.

2-11- "Nazdik" undertakes not to provide information received from users or about users to any third party, except for the ruling of legal authorities.

2-12- "Nazdik" may send emails or SMS to users in order to inform about things such as the investment due date being close, special services and other such things. If the user does not want to receive such e-mails and SMS, he can unsubscribe from the newsletter in his profile.

2-13- "Nazdik" makes all purchases in different financial markets on behalf of the ordering user and will not have any ownership or tax obligations on the purchased shares.

2-14- All the content of the site and application and all "Nazdik" social networks belong solely to "Nazdik" and any copying and personal or commercial use of it without obtaining written permission from "Nazdik" is not allowed and will lead to legal prosecution.

2-15- "Nazdik" will not be responsible for the suspension of its services due to the occurrence of force major, but in the event of force major, it will use its best efforts to inform the user in time, compensate the user's losses and solve the problem.

3. User account

3-1- As soon as the application for registration in the "Nazdik" system is submitted, the applicant must provide the required information, including the identification code for membership in the Sejam system, his Sejami account number, as well as the confidential username and password to enter the site. If the registration request is accepted, he will be considered a member of the system, and this means that he has agreed to the regulations of this system. "Nazdik" has the right to verify user information at any time it deems necessary.

3-2- If the user is not a Sejam user, "Nazdik" will direct him to the Sejam website to register in the Sejam system.

3-3- "Nazdik" receives all user information through the Sejam system, and acceptance of this document means the user's consent to access and store the information received by the user from the Sejam system.

3-4- "Nazdik" has the right to delete the account of insulting people, slanderers and people who try to destroy the image of "Nazdik" for any reason.Nazdik will suspended the account with a warning, and refuse to provide service to them in case of repeting the action. These people will not have the right to reactivate the account after being removed, but they can provide their explanations by contacting "Nazdik" support, and if it is convincing for "Nazdik", their account will be reactivated, yet "Nazdik" will not bear any particular obligation in this matter.

3-5- The users themselves are personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the account and confidential password and determining the persons authorized to access and use that account and "Nazdik" in not responsible for any direct or indirect moral or material damage as a result of username or password information disclosure.

3-6- All communications of "Nazdik" with users will be through internal messages or official identifiers available on the site, and "Nazdik" will not be responsible for any other contacts under its name.

3-7- "Nazdik" undertakes to keep the user's personal and financial information and contact addresses completely confidential from other members.

3-8- The initial membership in the system is free, but "Nazdik" will offer non-free plans in the future based on its business strategies and additional services.

3-9- Service commissions will be deducted before paying interest to the investor according to the tables presented to him in the system.

3-10- The data that is taken directly from the user during registration, including mobile number and personal details, is used only for the authentication of the user and the possibility of receiving Nazdik services.

3-11- To start the investment process in the Nazdik application, a person's national number is required to inquire and authenticate the person's identity from the comprehensive customer information system (Sejam).

3-12- "Nazdik" undertakes not to disclose users' data and information to third parties, whether real or legal, for commercial or non-commercial purposes outside the scope of the service.

3-13- Users can raise any complaints from Saturday to Wednesday by phone number 021-49763763 or via the email address to register their complaints.

3-14- If users encounter any problems and possible errors in the system, they can inform Avaye Nazdik Sarmaye through the "report option" error in the support section of the system.

4. Regulations of investors

4-1- After creating a user account in the system and answering the questions asked by the system, the investor receives the suggested investment plan from "Nazdik", this plan can be changed and is only considered a suggestion for smarter investment and there will be no responsibility for "Nazdik".

Note: The investor will have the possibility to modify or change his investment plan only once.

4-2- The investor can withdraw from the investment at any stage before the payment of the investment; In this case, "Nazdik" will keep his information.

4-3- The payment will be made online through the portal of Charisma company.

4-4- After choosing the plan and paying the money, the investor will not have the possibility to cancel the investment and withdraw the deposit through "Nazdik".

Note: In case of emergency if the user needs to withdraw all or part of his investment, he must submit a request by referring to "Nazdik" support, and "Nazdik" is free to accept or reject this request.

4-5- Investors do not have the right to change their information and account number during the process of working with "Nazdik" system, except in special circumstances and after coordination with "Nazdik".

4-6- The use of the name, photo, logo and the activity experience of the investors, in order to introduce and share their experiences of working with the "Nazdik" system and can only be done with their consent.

5. Withdrawal request

5-1- All withdrawal requests, whether the whole capital or part of it, can be registered by referring to the user account in the Nazdik application.

5-2- After registering the withdrawal request, whether the entire capital or a part of it, will be deposited into the user's account within 2 to 7 working days.

5-3- All payments will be made to the account number connected to the user account and the user cannot request a deposit to another account number.

5-4- After requesting a withdrawal, users will not be required to pay any amount as a cancellation penalty

5-5- If part of the capital is withdrawn, the user's investment plan will continue with the remaining capital.

6. Breach of Agreement

6-1- According to this agreement and according to the law, practically and without accepting any kind of responsibility; "Nazdik" can limit the user's activity and suspend his user account in case of the following events. In the same way, "Nazdik" can temporarily or permanently prohibit the user's activity or cancel or limit his membership. "Nazdik" can prevent the user from accessing the system without harming his rights, until he claims his rights. These items include:

- When this contract is violated.

- If "Nazdik" cannot be sure about the information provided by the user.

- If "Nazdik" notices the suspicious activity of the user's account, such as frequent logging in and out with different IPs.

Note: Sometimes "Nazdik" decides, based on its evaluation, to give banned users a chance to reactivate, because a user who has been banned or whose membership has been canceled cannot register in the "Nazdik" system or use the site under any circumstances. In this case, "Nazdik" may allow him to reactivate.

6-2- If the user violates this contract, "Nazdik" has the right to claim fine or damage from the user and, at its own discretion, file a lawsuit against the user through legal means and referring to the courts.

7. "Nazdik" intellectual property

7-1- All the contents on the site, including texts and others, graphic designs, signs, icons, symbols, sound signs, numbers, collected announcements, electronic programs are all under the ownership of "Nazdik" and are among his rights and as Trademarks are intellectual and creative property belonging to "Nazdik".

7-2- The contents archived in the system have exclusive ownership, and its rights are reserved for "Nazdik" and are considered as reserved copyrights and trademarks and intellectual and creative property rights and laws.

7-3- "Nazdik" and its brands, other words and signs on the site and system and registered or unregistered trademarks belong to "Nazdik" and are protected by the rights and laws of trademark ownership.

7-4- Signs and trademarks that are not owned by "Nazdik" and are available on the system, belong to their owners, who may or may not be partners of "Nazdik" or are supported by "Nazdik". Therefore, in any case, these signs should not be misused or copied.

Note: If a user believes that his intellectual property rights have been violated, he should inform "Nazdik" about this, "Nazdik" will do its best to enforce the rights of its users despite not having any legal responsibility in this regard.

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