How does investment work in Nazdik?

  • Personalized plan for each individual
  • Starting investment with minimum budget
  • Close monitoring of asset status
  • The possibility of the profit or the capital Withdrawal any moment

Chose investment goal

In order to start select your goal and answer to a few short risk assessment questions.


Specify your initial capital

Based on your initial capital, Nazdik will suggest a portfolio.

Final confirmation and deposit

After you agree to Nazdik's suggested portfolio and go through the deposit process for buying the assets; the investment begins.


So, Don't lose the chance!

Plan today for your tomorrow. When it comes to smart investment and robo-advisory; solution suggestion is one of the most complicated obstacles to conquer. being aware of the obstacles, we have combined technology with experience to become a super-advisor.

Start assessment

So, Don't lose the chance!

Investing for Retirement
Investing for Children
Investing for Trip

No matter what amount of capital, you can be involved

We believe that every individual, with whatever amount of income, should be included in financial process. We have designed our product based on this belief! With Nazdik you can adjust your investment approach as you desire. Doesn't matter how much, doesn't matter how long; we are by your side every step of the way.

No matter what amount of capital, you can be involved

Transparency in investment

We believe you have the right to know how your capital is being invested. Therefore you can track your capital any time of the day. See how much of it is being invested where, & monitor your profit in any period of time you desire.

Transparency in investment

Clarity, precision and security

Your trust in us is our priority. We believe that everything must be shared with you; clearly, precisely and honestly. We care about your privacy and we want you to know that your information is safe with us and is not studies with any purpose but your asset management benefits.

Clarity, precision and security
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